The 10 Rules of Management Economics You Must Know

business cost managment tips

10 Management Decisions That Drive Business Success Making financial decisions is not limited to just those managers who work in the Accounting department. For both small business and large corporations, whether we realize it or not, every manager and business leader makes decisions on a daily basis that affect their organization’s costs, finances and performance.  We at MRH  like to refer

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How to Create a Project Risk Matrix

quantify risk value of project

10 Easy Steps to Estimate the Cost of Risk   Whether we are developing something new for a customer, or leading an initiative to improve the company, every project we undertake contains some level of uncertainty.  Because of this, and particularly when the stakes are high, some level of risk analysis is always a good idea.  However, managing risk means more than

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12 Tips for Writing a Better Email

how to write better email

Manager’s Guide to Better Email Writing Even in the age of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, email is still at the core of modern business communication.  We use email to communicate to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our superiors.  We use it to send mass-communication to our entire organization, and we use email to contact a single recipient.  Moreover, according

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How to Sell Beer In China: A Lesson in Marketing

How to Market with 4Ps

The 4P Marketing Model:  A Case Study On a recent business trip to China, tired of taxis, elevators, conference rooms and hotels, I went out for a walk one night.  My translator, whose chosen English name was Martin, elected to stay at the hotel to do some work.  Always wanting to try something different, my walk coincided with my secret

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How to Manage Other Managers: Coaching Employees in Leadership Positions

how to mentor a manager

  Managing and Mentoring The Leaders that Work For You We recently posted an article about the art of mentoring, which primarily centered on coaching junior staff who are just beginning their careers.  We wanted to go further into the topic of mentoring, but focus on a different group.  As your career advances, your organization gets larger.  Eventually, you get to

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Shaping Young Minds: The Art of Mentoring

how to be a better mentor to staff

8 Tips For Becoming a Great Mentor To Your Staff Last week I met with a new staffer on my team, who joined the firm just a couple of months ago.  He was eager and prepared, bringing a number of questions to the meeting; it was a very productive conversation overall.  While we did talk about his specific tasks, much of

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Are Exit Interviews Really Necessary?

how to conduct exit interview

A friend of mine recently changed jobs.  He was a 19-year veteran of the company he left, during which time he worked on a number of successful projects and had worked in several departments.  And yet, after nearly two decades with the firm, he was informed that no exit interview would be held as the company saw no value for the

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Great Business Lessons Every CEO Must Know

zook allen

How Great Businesses Fail and What We Can Learn From Them We all know that there is one constant in the business world: things are always changing.  Every day, there are new technologies, legislative decisions and geopolitical events that shape the world around us.  The pace of such change continues to accelerate, and throughout it all we see businesses come and go.  How, in such

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20 Rookie Manager Mistakes You Want to Avoid

management mistakes to avoid

  Every manager has that first day on the job.  And no matter how many years of work experience he or she may have, most first-time managers quickly realize they have a lot to take in.  (We’ve all been there!)  As we learn, we are bound to have our screw ups, it’s normal.  The good news is that we can always

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The Recipe for a Great Team: 12 Key Ingredients

what makes a strong team

12 Key Ingredients to High Performing Teams in the Workplace   It’s well understood that good teams get the best results.  Sports provide a great analogy for this: we are all familiar with those underdog teams that pull together when it matters most and make a championship run.  Everyone on the team does his or her part and they motivate each

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Your Leadership Style Defined in 9 Questions

what is leadership style

9 Ways to Evaluate Your Leadership Style   There’s a trendy phrase out there in the management world: ‘leadership style.’  But what is leadership style?  Well, for starters, your leadership style is the collective approach you take when looking across all aspects of being a manager of people.  Further, your style is your style; and it’s part personality, part skill set, part

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6 Great Coaching Conversations to Guide Your Employees’ Careers

career counseling

Helping Employees Make Career Choices As managers, our job is to get results, plan resources, and develop our employees.  In terms of effective employee development, the time we take to coach our staff members is critical to helping each one become a growing force within the organization.  Further, sometimes, we need to mentor them on more than just the day-to-day skills

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Your First 180 Days as a New Manager

things to do as new boss

18 Things To Do As a First Time Supervisor Great job!  You’ve moved up, and now you have entered the world of management!  Your first 6 months as a new boss can be eye-opening, to say the least.  There’s a lot to learn, a lot to do, and you need to set the tone for your new organization early on.  And what about all

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Deciding Who To Layoff: Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

downsizing staff

What to Consider When Downsizing Your Team It might be the most delicate and sensitive topic that you as a manager will face in your career: selecting the names of those people to let go or make redundant.  The context here is reducing the size of the organization to maintain profitability, or improve efficiency, not firing someone due to misconduct.  From

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Justifying More Staff: Avoid These 9 Mistakes

Increasing headcount

  One of our most popular articles here at MRH discusses a basic strategy that we’ve used to justify an increase in staff.  And it’s no surprise: based on our research, 50% of managers say the biggest challenge they face is the size of their staff.  We’ve said it many times, but will mention it again.  Between salaries, benefits, insurance and other

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A Sample RFP Response Format (w/ Commentary)

sample RFP template

  A little while back we posted an article about writing a reply to an RFP (Request for Proposal), which provided a basic outline for responding to potential clients.  Since then, we have received a lot of questions from the MRH community asking for details on formats to use as well as what sort of sections and content to include.  So, we wanted

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Managing Your Customer That Misbehaves in the B2B Space

dealing with bad customers

Isn’t the Customer Always Right? Actually, no, they aren’t!  In the B2B space, we often find ourselves working with clients and customers to develop and sell our products and services.  And yet, sometimes, things do not always go as planned.  I recently paid a visit to one customer who has started to change the rules as they go.  Despite the contractual commitments

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3 Ways To Plan Resource Levels

ways to plan your staff

3 Resource Planning Methods to Help Predict Staffing Needs Most businesses and organizations go through an annual headcount planning process for the upcoming year.  We all know that such activities are important to running a productive organization.  And yet, while resource management is critical, doing it well and doing it right is easier said than done. There are a number of methods

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How to Ensure a Remote Employee is Actually Working

remote worker actually working

Working Hard or Hardly Working?   It’s a question we all ask ourselves.  Telecommuting is no longer a “new” thing.  For many companies, large and small, more and more employees work from home, either occasionally, or on a regular basis.  All you need is an internet connection.  But supervising these remote employees presents challenges to you as a manager because, well,

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What is a Skills Matrix And How Do I Create One?

5 Things You Need to Do to Create Your Own Skills Matrix Imagine: a critical assignment comes in, and you need to figure out who to give it to in order to get it done.  You only have one shot to get it right in order to secure that new contract.  Who do you give it to?  Who is the most capable? 

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