The Manager’s Resource Handbook is just that, a reference guide for managers to offer commentary and thoughts on a variety of challenges that managers face.  Our blog posts capture our real life experiences managing in large corporations.   Because we ourselves struggled with many of these issues, we wanted to share them so that maybe you can learn from our mistakes.  Most of what we write is of our own creation – our own views, thoughts and approaches to challenges we faced.  Anything that is not of our own creation will be cited appropriately.

The authors of these posts have all worked full time at large corporations, from where some of our content is derived.  The stories and examples provided in our posts are true, although we have changed names for privacy purposes. 

The authors of the Manager’s Resource Handbook are all managers of people.  Our collective experience spans several industries, companies, and numerous countries around the globe.  We have all dealt with performance evaluations, company metrics, and difficult customers.  We, ourselves, have had great managers, and terrible bosses. For the organizations we lead, we have tried to take these experiences and learn from them to do our jobs better. 

We became managers at one point in our career like many of you.  Your first day on the job as a manager can be exciting yet overwhelming.  For those of you more experienced, the higher you go in an organization makes management challenges even more complex and difficult, and we understand this.

Those of us at Manager’s Resource Handbook genuinely hope you enjoy our posts.  We hope that  through these posts and a hint of humor, you’ll be able to use some of what we’ve learned in your own careers.  We would love to hear from you should you have any feedback.  Please use our CONTACT US page.  Given the volume of emails we receive, we apologize in advance if we cannot get back to you right away, but we will always do our best. 

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The Manager’s Resource Handbook Team