12 Tips for Writing a Better Email

how to write better email

Manager’s Guide to Better Email Writing Even in the age of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, email is still at the core of modern business communication.  We use email to communicate to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our superiors.  We use it to send mass-communication to our entire organization, and we use email to contact a single recipient.  Moreover, according

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20 Rookie Manager Mistakes You Want to Avoid

management mistakes to avoid

  Every manager has that first day on the job.  And no matter how many years of work experience he or she may have, most first-time managers quickly realize they have a lot to take in.  (We’ve all been there!)  As we learn, we are bound to have our screw ups, it’s normal.  The good news is that we can always

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A Simple Tool to Drive Accountability and Alignment in an Organization

Managing metrics

How to Hold Employees Accountable and Get the Results You Need   Among the many challenges first-time managers and business leaders face, learning how to hold employees accountable is perhaps the most difficult skill to master.  Holding employees accountable is essential because the results managers are expected to deliver depend on the performance and contribution of their individual employees.  Thus, managers

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Restructuring Your Company: 5 Key Decisions

How to Restructure an Organization If you’ve ever been part of restructuring of an organization, you know that the very mention of it can induce a sense of worry.  Restructuring a company is tough and takes a great deal of careful planning.  Moreover, business renewal is never easy nor is it fun because big decisions need to be made that affect

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5 Tips for Managing Your Overseas Employees

Managing a Virtual Staff If you are a manager who spends a lot of time on the phone with your employees who sit nine time zones away, you’ve come to the right place.  These days, many managers find themselves responsible for employees overseas.  Whether these employees report directly to you, or to a local in-country manager, the challenges of working with remote workers are

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Run More Effective Meetings With The 3 “W”s

How to Assign Action Items in Meetings We are all accustomed to going to meetings where there is a lot of discussion and head nodding around the room.  After 60 minutes, there are jovial pats on the back as people leave the conference room; after all, there’s another meeting in there at the top of the hour.  But how many meetings

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