“We All Need Coaches.  We Want to Be Yours.”


Who Are You?

The people behind the MRH site have all held management and leadership positions at large multinational corporations.  We’ve managed people, run programs, hired staff, built budgets, negotiated contracts and developed products.  We’ve managed virtual teams, worked in emerging economies, and had the misfortune of laying off employees.  Simply put, we’ve done just about everything you can do as leader within a modern company.  Our aim is to share this knowledge and the experience we’ve gained working at Fortune 500 companies with you to help you run your businesses and teams more effectively.  You can read a little bit about the Manager’s Resource Handbook team on the About Us page.

Why Are You Doing This?

Over our careers, we at MRH have seen a lot of great things that managers and businesses have done in order to find success.  Equally, we have witnessed costly management mistakes and the impacts they had on even the best companies around.  Our mission is to share these lessons with you to help you succeed in the global business environment. We all need coaches. We want to be yours.

Where Are You?

We are scattered about, and for this reason we consider ourselves global. We have extensive business experience working around the world and want to keep our emphasis on doing business globally, regardless of which countries and cities we are in.  We have negotiated with customers in Shanghai, spoken at conferences in Athens, and sat down with suppliers in Los Angeles. But if you really must know, we like to call Washington DC home.

Can You Help Me?

Absolutely.  Our mission here at MRH is to help you succeed.  Having worked with a variety of companies and in numerous countries, we’ve seen a lot and hope we can give you some guidance and advice.  Go to our CONTACT US page and drop us an email if you have a management question or a challenge that you’re trying to overcome.  Whether you’re trying to communicate more effectively with your peer in India, trying to increase your team’s engagement, or trying to develop a strategy to strengthen your product portfolio, we will do our best to be of service.

How Can We Connect?

Other than sending us an email , you can:

Follow us on Twitter: @MRH_Team

Like us on Facebook: Managers Resource Handbook

What’s Your Best Advice For a New Manager?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Managing other people will routinely present challenges, so it’s always a good idea to seek help when you get stuck.  We’ve been managing teams and organizations for a while now and we still run into problems we struggle to solve.  The good news is that it gets easier with a little time and experience.  Still, look at your network of friends, family and other coworkers who you can lean on for ideas and suggestions.  It is likely someone you know has dealt with a tough employee or navigated a tough financial climate.

What is Your Management Philosophy?

As managers and leaders of organizations, we are responsible for navigating and directing the team towards the business objectives.  Despite this, though, it is the people who report to us who do the work to get there.  We believe the most important part of managing people is to put those people first.  Give them new opportunities and allow them to make mistakes from which they can improve.   The more you enable them to grow and learn, the more you will be able to accomplish as the manager.  Here are a few of our beliefs:

1. Our PEOPLE make us successful, not the other way around.
2. Great TEAMS get great results.
3. Asking OBVIOUS questions often reveals surprising answers.
4. Planning is a POWERFUL thing.
5. Great LEADERS are coaches in life, and at work.
6. Set HIGH standards.  It’s better to aim high and fall short than it is it aim low and achieve mediocrity.

For more on our philosophy, you can read about the two jobs of a manager.

What is the Hardest Part Of Being a Manager?

Different things will challenge different people.  In general, though, one of the more common difficulties is maximizing the team’s output with limited resources.  There will always be controls on staffing levels and financial expenditure – this is just the course of business.  It is for this reason, though, that we believe that the most successful managers are those who make the effort to help their employees grow and improve.

What is The Best Part Of Being a Manager?

From our experience, the best part of being a manager is seeing your strategy come together.  Regardless of whether you manage a group of financial analysts, a product development team or an entire company, every manager needs to have a strategy to meet their business objectives.  One of the most rewarding aspects of being a leader in business is seeing the strategy deliver the results you expected and seeing your people grow along the way.

What is Your Specialty?

Far too many managers overcomplicate things and get lost on the journey to success. The team at MRH want to help other managers break down complex issues into small bites, and develop strategies and methods to solve problems.  If you are in a business turn around situation, trying to restore employee satisfaction or attempting to develop a suite of new products, the fundamentals are the same: dissect the challenge, plan well, develop a strategy that aligns the resources at your disposal, and deliver the necessary results.  That’s our view, and we’ve seen it work, time and time again.

Can We Help You?

YES!  There are two things you can do and we greatly appreciate you thinking of us!

First, we have listed a number of recommended books on our RECOMMENDATIONS page.  From time to time, we add books that have helped us in our managerial journey that we thought were worthy of sharing.  By clicking on these affiliate links to Amazon and making a purchase of these, or any other items from Amazon, we earn a very small commission (no charge to you) that helps us pay our bills and keep our site up and running.

Second, you may have noticed some survey questions on our various pages.  By answering these questions, you help us better serve you as our audience, and help us conduct research on trends and changes that we all as business leaders are facing today.  If you have a few minutes, please see our full list of MRH Poll Questions HERE.


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