Murder by Meetings


…And Other Adventures From the Board Room

The team behind MRH has compiled their best learnings from their years of experience in management, leadership and business, and put them all in ONE PLACE! Murder By Meetings is a collection of lessons, secrets, and short stories that will help you become an awesome boss in today’s crazy business environment. You can get a sneak peek of Murder by Meetings below, or Get the Full E-book HERE.

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What’s With the Title?

William was recently hired into the company, bringing nearly 30 years of experience to the business. Between he and I, the 92 people in our office ultimately reported to one of us. It didn’t take long for William to come up to speed. With his years of experience as an executive of another firm, he was more than capable. After a few months, though, I began to see William less and less. We’d pass each other in the hallway or wave in the parking lot. We’d leave documents awaiting signature on each other’s desks. I’d see him heating up his lunch as I stepped out to get mine. It was an extremely busy time for both of us.

One day, William strolled into my office while snacking on an apple. He plopped down in a chair and smiled. “I’m blowing off my 2PM, I need a break.” he said.

“Good,” I said “I’ve been telling you to stop trying to be everywhere, it’s just not possible at our company.”

“I’m finally understanding that now,” William said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. This place is crazy. It’s like murder by meetings.”