Welcome New Managers! 

Congratulations on your new job, and welcome to the tribe! There are two threads that connect all supervisors, bosses, and managers of people. First, We all went through the first day, week, month and year as a manager. Second, everyone one us has countless stories of the mistakes we made and the things we only wish we knew when we first started. Fortunately, our job here at MRH is to help you accelerate down that path, and learn from the mistakes we made.

The first time you become a manager, a supervisor or a boss, a lot will change for you:

  • You become liable for other people’s performance
  • Others suddenly depend on you for growth and success
  • You will be required to give feedback
  • Meeting metrics ultimately becomes your responsibility
  • Actively watching out for your team will be a daily duty

But make no mistake about it; leading and building great team and watching it succeed is an extremely rewarding feat.

And with that, you’ve come to the right place.  To help you successfully transition into your life as a manager and leader of people, we’ve created the New Manager’s Starter Kit.  Below you will find a selected list of the essential topics and new manager resources that will set you off on the right foot.  Should you have any questions or additional topics of interest, feel free to Contact Us.  Happy Managing!!

Start With The Cornerstones:

14 Things That Only the BEST Managers Do….

What to Do In Your First 6 Months as a New Boss

Essential Resources for New Managers:

The following topics are essential reads for first-time managers. Call it Management 101. These articles will help you make the transition to being a manager and let you glide past some of those initial hurdles.

Your First Day as a Manager
New Realities for First Time Managers
10 Secrets for New Managers
Overcome the Fear of Managing and Employee Older than You
How to Conduct a Performance Review
The Difference Between Leaders and Managers
How to Write Employee Performance Reviews and Knowing What to Say
Recommended Book: The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Challenges Managers Face:

You will encounter many challenges over the course of your management career. Here is a list of solutions to the common challenges you will face.

Deciding Who to Layoff
Overcoming the Legacy of Your Predecessor
The Top 5 Challenges Facing the Modern Manager
How to Delegate Effectively
How to Manage Your Friend
How to Drive Accountability Among Your Employees
Recommended Book: The Oz Principle by Craig Hickman, Tom Smith and Roger Connors
The Four Levels of Accountability

The Fast Track to Becoming a Great Boss!

Murder by Meetings by the MRH Group

The team behind MRH has compiled their best learnings from their years of experience in management, leadership and business, and put them all in ONE PLACE! Murder By Meetings is a collection of lessons, secrets, and short stories that will help you become an awesome boss in today’s crazy business environment. You can get a sneak peek of Murder by Meetings below, or get the full version HERE.

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Get the Free Sample:
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Hiring and Staffing Your Team:

Hiring and staffing for your team is one of the most delicate activities you will undertake as a supervisor. Why? Because creating the right team of motivated and exceptionally talented people will ensure your team delivers awesome results.

8 of My Favorite Interview Questions
Hire for Will Train for Skill
How Hiring the Right People Leads to Good Business
Recommended Book: Follow this Path by Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina

Coaching and Mentoring Your Employees:

Part of being a great boss is being able to connect with your employees and to serve as a mentor and coach – both professionally and in life.

29 Awesome Ways to Develop Your Employees
The Importance of Asking Questions to Coach Your Employees
The 70, 20, 10 Rule for Employee Development
Recommended Book: Coaching For Performance by John Whitmore
The Art of Mentoring
Managing Other Managers of People

Building Morale… and Keeping It:

Getting results starts with people who are dedicated and motivated to doing a good job.  But building morale an motivating your employees is no simple affair.  It takes dedication, planning and discipline to do it right.

Are Your Employees Trying to Tell You Something?
5 Things You Can Do Today to Be a Better Manager
7 Tips to Boost Employee Morale
9 Employee Engagement Killers
20 Rookie Manager Mistakes to Avoid

Creating Strategies to Help You Manage People:

When you first start managing other people, you will quickly appreciate that every employee is different.  They each have their own strengths, weaknesses, skills and blind spots.  The following resources will teach you how to develop individual methods and styles to manage each employee.

Learn to Manage Like Bobby Fischer
The Baseball Guide to Management


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  • Mustafa Hashim

    Dear MRH Team ,

    Thanks for great effort to develop the management line , and it will be one of the guide line to help me in future ,
    I became new manager before 3 month , and this is end of the year and the required from me to put performance (appraisal) to each one of my team , could you please help me how can I put the comment specially this is big company and the comment will be on system and all high management they can see it ,

    Thanks and best Regards
    Mustafa Hashim

  • MSK

    Dear MRH Team,
    Thank you for providing detailed information on do’s and don’t’s for Managers.
    I have taken up new roles as Software Development Manager and my immediate task is to set the team goals and objectives. Can you please share the sample goals and objectives for software development team?


    • MSK,

      Thanks for your comment! I’d recommend you take a look at the link below, where we list example of goals for employees, that make it easy to meausure their performance.

      A couple additional suggestions:
      1. Does your overall organization has any specific objectives? Often times you’ll want to set goals for your team that contribute to, or are in support of, the higher level goals. If not, talk to your supervisor to see what he or she would like your team to accomplish, and identify ways each employee can support that.
      2. Set goals for your employees that also help them grow and benefit personally; that is, try to merge individual goals with personal development. For example, if a junior employee needs to gain leadership experience, give them a goal for a certain project where to achieve the goal, they will have to lead others.

      Good Luck!

      Tim G.
      The Manager’s Resource Handbook

  • Eunice

    MRH is my rescue!
    How do I manage older employees? I am new in this company where employees have worked here for more that 20 years, so they feel entitled and I am younger. Decision making is hard for me.

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