5 Tips for Managing Your Overseas Employees

Managing a Virtual Staff If you are a manager who spends all day on the phone with your employees who sit nine timezones away, you are in the right place.  In the modern business environment, you, like many managers, will inevitably find yourself responsible for employees overseas.  These employees may directly report to you, or to local in-country manager, but are

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Managing Project Risks: Allocating Funds, Not Just Numbers

In a week long project review meeting recently, an executive asked “Why am I writing this check?  We don’t have the money.”   He was referring to the fact that as part of a partnership with a customer, we had to increase funding for the project by $6 Million dollars.   No one likes writing a large check that they didn’t expect.   It doesn’t matter if

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Is Your Research and Development Under House Arrest?

I recently read Borderless World by Kenichi Ohmae in which he discusses technology growth and research investment by firms.  Ohmae highlights the differences between companies that truly flood the pipeline with investment, and those that play the betting game with a handful of specific projects.   The book reminded me of a dinner meeting I had with an executive at a former company,

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Doing Business in China 101

managers resource handbook

  5 Tips for Working in China   China is a vast and exotic place.  You will find dazzling skyscrapers like something out of Sci-Fi flick.  And you will find remote villages that make you feel like you’ve taking a trip back in time.  If you are going to China for the first time, take note: doing business in China is very different

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Six Tips to Help You Approach Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews

Feedback is a Gift.  Be Generous. It’s the end of the another performance cycle and if you’re like me, you are spending a large amount of time evaluating your employees for last year’s work.  Did they deliver on their commitments?  Have they spent time trying to self-improve?  Were they reliable?  Did they go above and beyond?  If you are new to management, employee performance evaluations

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Run More Effective Meetings With The 3 “W”s

    We are all accustomed to going to meetings where there is a lot of discussion and head nodding around the room.   After 60 minutes, there are jovial pats on the back as people leave the conference room; after all, there’s another meeting in there at the top of the hour.  But how many meetings have you gone to where nothing

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A Baseball Approach to Management

Learning from America’s Favorite Game I am a baseball fan.  Although I never used to enjoy the game, I have grown to appreciate the sport more and more – the strategies, the techniques, and the funny rules you don’t often hear about like the infield fly rule.  As I watched a game not too long ago, I listened to the commentators introduce

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