The Recipe for a Great Team: 12 Key Ingredients

what makes a strong team

12 Key Ingredients to High Performing Teams in the Workplace   It’s well understood that good teams get the best results.  Sports provide a great analogy for this: we are all familiar with those underdog teams that pull together when it matters most and make a championship run.  Everyone on the team does his or her part and they motivate each

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Deciding Who To Layoff: Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

downsizing staff

What to Consider When Downsizing Your Team It might be the most delicate and sensitive topic that you as a manager will face in your career: selecting the names of those people to let go or make redundant.  The context here is reducing the size of the organization to maintain profitability, or improve efficiency, not firing someone due to misconduct.  From

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How To Run A Meeting In China and Manage Your Customer

running a meeting in china

15 REAL Tips for Working in China   Having returned from a trip to China earlier this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some learnings about how to conduct meetings and work with your customer in the People’s Republic.  Despite some concerns and disagreements before our arrival, my team was made up of several veterans when

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9 Challenges You Face When Hiring in an Emerging Economy

Hiring staff in developing nations

Hiring and Retention in Developing Nations Whether you’re hiring in India, recruiting in China, or opening an office in the Philippines, the obstacles are often the same.  Because of their rapid growth, hiring and staffing a team in an emerging economy will always present challenges in terms of language, skills and retention. But if you equip yourself with a plan

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How to Build A New Team from Scratch

how to build a successful team

7 Steps to Building a Successful Team: People, Purpose, Performance   The opportunity doesn’t come often for us, but getting the chance to build a brand new team from scratch is one of the most enjoyable experiences a manager will ever have.  After all, building a successful organization requires planning, creativity, execution and oversight…all at once.  For me, the first such

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How to Justify Hiring Specialists: Questions for a Sample Business Case

business case to hire a more expensive employee

Any manager who has hired new employees has dealt with challenges related to cost.  Why else do recruiters ask for a candidates salary as part of the initial screening process?  What they’re really asking is “can I afford you?”  I actually had one hiring manager tell me “This guy is making more than I do, we could never afford him.”  But when it comes

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How to Deal with the Office Scrooge

Managing Negative People

How to Deal with Negative Employees in the Workplace His name was Mark.  I was 34.  He was 54.  It was not my first management rodeo, but I’m pretty sure he saw me as one of his irresponsible teenagers who were in high school at the time.  Mark was so negative every day of the week, it drove me nuts. When

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5 Simple Ways You Can Promote Cultural Awareness At Work Today

managers resource handbook

  I often overhear business travelers at the airport talking on the phone, characterizing their imminent journey as “I’m headed to Asia” or “I’ll be in the Middle East next week.” I know I’ve done it as well because let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to say that rather saying something like “I’ve got 3 days in Tokyo, 3

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5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Managing Employees Older Than You

Overcome the Fear of Managing Older Employees

    I first began managing other people in my mid 20’s. I worked at a Fortune 500 company with over 150,000 employees and was given a small team to lead. Of the five team members, most were close to me in age, and whom I had few concerns as their supervisor. Then there was James, who was in his

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A Baseball Approach to Management

Learning from America’s Favorite Game I am a baseball fan.  Although I never used to enjoy the game, I have grown to appreciate the sport more and more – the strategies, the techniques, and the funny rules you don’t often hear about like the infield fly rule.  As I watched a game not too long ago, I listened to the commentators introduce

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