How to Ensure a Remote Employee is Actually Working

remote worker actually working

Working Hard or Hardly Working?   It’s a question we all ask ourselves.  Telecommuting is no longer a “new” thing.  For many companies, large and small, more and more employees work from home, either occasionally, or on a regular basis.  All you need is an internet connection.  But supervising these remote employees presents challenges to you as a manager because, well,

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The SMART Goal Concept: Effectively Managing Performance

Examples of SMART Goals

  Writing SMART Goals (With Examples)   A colleague once told me “I have a goal in life…I want to climb Mt. Everest, someday.”  While he was absolutely serious in his demeanor and spoke at length about why he wanted to do it, the short conversation revealed he had never done any climbing before.  Further, he had hardly done research into what it actually

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How to Manage Your Poor Performers

employee performance issues

If there is one thing that every manager has in common, it’s that we’ve all dealt with employee performance issues.  Everyone of us has a Susan, who always does everything right and never seems to make a mistake.  And then, we all have a Michael, who never seems to get it or who never seems to be able to get

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Giving Effective Feedback to Employees: Do’s and Don’ts

Writing Performance Appraisals

The Dos and Don’ts of Employee Performance Appraisals To my friends, I described it as ‘an out of body experience.’ It was in reference to the annual performance review given to me by my boss a few years back, which left me dazed and confused.  The reason being quite simple: he was ill-prepared, could not give any specific examples of how I did, and the

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The 70, 20, 10 Rule for Employee Development

promoted to manager

Promoting Skill Development of Your Human Resources Employee development is a hot topic in today’s human resource and executive management circles.  Companies are investing more and more time and energy into building organizational strength through the capabilities of their employees.  It’s been said for some time that a company’s greatest asset is its people.  And now, firms have finally woken up

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How to Write An Employee Performance Review

Employee Performance Reviews

Writing Employee Performance Reviews Doesn’t Need to Be a Drag   Writing performance reviews of your employees can be extremely aggravating.  As managers, we are busy.  We correct behavior we don’t like when we see it, so taking precious time away from customers and emails can seem like a waste of our time.  But performance appraisals are actually one of the

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The Importance of Asking Questions to Coach Employees

managers resource handbook

              EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure to down our 8-page Coaching Through Questions Guideline and Managers Coaching Worksheet template from the Tools and Templates page! As managers, one of our primary responsibilities is to mentor and coach employees. Granted, a lot of mentoring and coaching takes place in short spurts by the water cooler, or

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The Four Levels of Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and Accountability

    I frequently talk to my employees about ownership and accountability. In a typical busy office environment, we are constantly getting interrupted and distracted. It seems we get so busy that we forget the conversations we have in the hall between points A and B. We make promises, vow to follow up, and tell fellow employees “I’ll take care

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A Simple Tool to Drive Accountability and Alignment in an Organization

Managing metrics

 How to Hold Employees Accountable and Get the Result You Need   Among the many challenges first-time managers and business leaders face, learning how to hold employees accountable is perhaps one of the most difficult skills to learn.  Why?  Because the results we are expected to deliver entirely depend on the performance and contribution of our individual employees.  Simply put, as

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Six Tips to Help You Approach Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews

Feedback is a Gift.  Be Generous. It’s the end of the another performance cycle and if you’re like me, you are spending a large amount of time evaluating your employees for last year’s work.  Did they deliver on their commitments?  Have they spent time trying to self-improve?  Were they reliable?  Did they go above and beyond?  If you are new to management, employee performance evaluations

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