Your Leadership Style Defined in 9 Questions

what is leadership style

9 Ways to Evaluate Your Leadership Style   There’s a trendy phrase out there in the management world: ‘leadership style.’  But what is leadership style?  Well, for starters, your leadership style is the collective approach you take when looking across all aspects of being a manager of people.  Further, your style is your style; and it’s part personality, part skill set, part

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Managing Your Customer That Misbehaves in the B2B Space

dealing with bad customers

Isn’t the Customer Always Right? Actually, no, they aren’t!  In the B2B space, we often find ourselves working with clients and customers to develop and sell our products and services.  And yet, sometimes, things do not always go as planned.  I recently paid a visit to one customer who has started to change the rules as they go.  Despite the contractual commitments

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16 Tips for New Project Managers

Dealing with Challenging Projects

When I became a project manager, the first thing I did was print out a bunch of documents, the Statement of Work, some spreadsheets with basic financial information and put it all in a well-organized 3-ring binder.  Beyond that, I didn’t know what I was doing.  So I just got down to work.  That was 20 years ago and since that time, I’ve learned a

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Motivating Employees: Saying the Right Thing at the Right Time

motivating staff in performance review

5 Free Ways to Motivate Your Staff in Challenging Times Motivating employees is not easy. When times are tough, motivating your staff becomes even harder. For the past two years, our business has been undergoing a significant amount of corporate restructuring, downsizing, and changes in management, all of which have understandably left my employees concerned about the future.  And because of the

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8 Ways to Reduce and Avoid Office Tension

managers resource handbook

Remember when your Project Manager came in the conference room last month, his forehead pulsating, as if he were just itching for a fight of any kind?  We’ve all had those people in our office, reminding us of the great scene from Monty Python – “The Argument Clinic.” Maybe there is pressure from higher up to get results, or perhaps it

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The Art of the Executive Summary

Executive Summary

How to Create an Executive Summary Raise your hand if you have ever sat through a presentation and walked away not understanding its message.  Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever asked an employee to give you a project briefing, only for them to bury you in data, facts and graphics.  Finally, raise your hand if you’ve ever picked up

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Managers vs. Leaders, Authority vs. Influence

Much has been written about the difference between managers and leaders.  And while I don’t wish to add more to the debate, I feel compelled to jump in based on a discussion with one of my employees recently. I sat down with this employee as part of a regularly scheduled check in and we talked about her development and growth.  As she

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Management Success Series Tip #2: Being Visible to Your People

Tip #1 of the Management Success Series described influence as a key ingredient in good managers.  You have to be able to maneuver and pull various levers to make things happen, while simultaneously pulling your team along with you.  Influence, like trust, is something that is built over time but easily lost.   A good means of establishing your influence and building trust is

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Management Success Series Tip #1 – Your First Day as Manager

  The Transition to Management   It’s a common experience.  You left work on Friday afternoon thinking about your weekend plans.  On Friday you were just a team member and part of the “crew.”  On Friday, you were given your tasks and were not responsible for what others did.  Sure, you were part of a team, but you were pretty much responsible for yourself.  Then, on Monday you start

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