Managing Your Customer That Misbehaves in the B2B Space

dealing with bad customers

Isn’t the Customer Always Right? Actually, no, they aren’t!  In the B2B space, we often find ourselves working with clients and customers to develop and sell our products and services.  And yet, sometimes, things do not always go as planned.  I recently paid a visit to one customer who has started to change the rules as they go.  Despite the contractual commitments

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What is an Internal Customer?

internal customers definition

The Difference Between Internal and External Customers   Several years ago, I was asked a very simple question: “Who is your customer?”   Perhaps I was naïve, or maybe just ignorant, but I replied to the simple question with an equally simple answer: “The people who pay our company money for our products and services.”  He clearly expected my response, because the

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How To Run A Meeting In China and Manage Your Customer

running a meeting in china

15 REAL Tips for Working in China   Having returned from a trip to China earlier this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some learnings about how to conduct meetings and work with your customer in the People’s Republic.  Despite some concerns and disagreements before our arrival, my team was made up of several veterans when

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9 Challenges You Face When Hiring in an Emerging Economy

Hiring staff in developing nations

Hiring and Retention in Developing Nations Whether you’re hiring in India, recruiting in China, or opening an office in the Philippines, the obstacles are often the same.  Because of their rapid growth, hiring and staffing a team in an emerging economy will always present challenges in terms of language, skills and retention. But if you equip yourself with a plan

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Negotiating in China: 11 Essential Tips to Securing Business

contracts in china

Navigate the Challenges of Contract Negotiations in the People’s Republic   A Fortune 200 executive once told me “No CEO wants it on his or her watch that they missed out on China.” It goes without saying that the world’s largest marketplace is a force to be reckoned with. Having recently returned from a trip to China as part of some large

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Writing a Winning Response to an RFP

managers resource handbook

How to Gain an Edge in the B2B Space When it comes to doing business between companies, typically referred to as business-to-business, or B2B, most opportunities and contracts are generated through a process of bid solicitation.  Companies looking to contract services or support will often issue what is known as a Request for Proposal (RFP) to seek information from various companies and

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Airlines: Another Look at Business Partnerships

The Business of Airline Parternerships

Understanding the Business Benefits of Airline Alliances     We recently had an article discussing partnerships for small businesses, and the benefits that strategic partners can bring to a company. But having recently booked a business trip to Warsaw, Poland, I feel compelled to revisit the topic. Partnerships, when maximizing on the expertise and strengths of each partner, are just

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Six Tips to Make an International Business Trip Successful

  In the modern business environment, working with international partners, customers, or suppliers is inevitable.  Sometimes an international project will be brief and short lived; in other instances your working relationship can last several years as you acrue thousands of frequent flier miles. Perhaps you will end up on an expat assignment for a couple years. When traveling abroad for business it is important

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Simplify Your Small Business Expansion Through Partnerships

managing friends

Why Consider Partnerships as Part of Your Growth Strategy When it comes to new markets and expanding your small business globally, you will likely face an uphill battle.  You may have challenges with start-up costs, you may have distribution challenges, and you may have gaps in your knowledge of the specific market.  These issues are difficult enough by themselves, but are even

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