The Recipe for a Great Team: 12 Key Ingredients

what makes a strong team

12 Key Ingredients to High Performing Teams in the Workplace   It’s well understood that good teams get the best results.  Sports provide a great analogy for this: we are all familiar with those underdog teams that pull together when it matters most and make a championship run.  Everyone on the team does his or her part and they motivate each

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The 8 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Growing Our Business

mistakes managers make

And How to Avoid Them One of the best feelings we as managers and business leaders experience is seeing our businesses grow as a result of our effort and hard work. When it comes to large companies, these emotions may be result from watching a steady (or not-so-steady) increase in stock price. And that’s ok – creating value for shareholders

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How to Manage Your Goals and Metrics

Managing metrics

The Key to Hitting Business Metrics:  Reduce the Impossible to the Possible   Every year, companies and businesses establish their annual goals and performance targets.  At some point in time, responsibility for achieving those objectives is placed into the hands of managers and individual teams, often with minimal direction.  It’s the inevitable “go do this” behavior that we see from many

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The Power of Incremental Progress

Take Small Steps To Reach Big Change

Every year, companies establish goals and objectives for their business.  Some firms may plan further out – as far as 5 years – in order to obtain a certain sales targets and other corporate metrics.  Unfortunately, many businesses stop there and lack a strategy for how they will actually achieve the goals.  As a result, the lofty numbers on the

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Your Results Matter Just as Much As How You Get Them

managers resource handbook

    I recently sat through a regional meeting for a large corporation, during which a series of presentations were made.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the regional manager got up to share a short set of slides that were presented at the annual corporate summit she had recently attended. The company has been undergoing a series of transformations

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How Establishing Specific Metrics Strengthens Your Business

Every business has metrics.  We track our financial investments to see how they grow.  Runners continually push themselves to shave seconds of the time it takes them to run a mile.  And some people monitor their vehicle’s gas mileage to help determine when they need an oil change.  The point is that we establish metrics to track performance over time. Business Metrics In the same

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