A Sample RFP Response Format (w/ Commentary)

sample RFP template

  A little while back we posted an article about writing a reply to an RFP (Request for Proposal), which provided a basic outline for responding to potential clients.  Since then, we have received a lot of questions from the MRH community asking for details on formats to use as well as what sort of sections and content to include.  So, we wanted

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Managing Your Customer That Misbehaves in the B2B Space

dealing with bad customers

Isn’t the Customer Always Right? Actually, no, they aren’t!  In the B2B space, we often find ourselves working with clients and customers to develop and sell our products and services.  And yet, sometimes, things do not always go as planned.  I recently paid a visit to one customer who has started to change the rules as they go.  Despite the contractual commitments

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How To Run A Meeting In China and Manage Your Customer

running a meeting in china

15 REAL Tips for Working in China   Having returned from a trip to China earlier this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some learnings about how to conduct meetings and work with your customer in the People’s Republic.  Despite some concerns and disagreements before our arrival, my team was made up of several veterans when

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7 Ways to Reduce Cost in Your Business

cutting cost business

  As all business leaders know, when a company becomes strained and pressed for cash, we need to look for ways to reduce our costs and expenses.  While cost control is always important, we naturally spend more during periods of growth to support the increasing size and momentum of the organization.  The challenge comes when growth slows and we need to figure

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9 Challenges You Face When Hiring in an Emerging Economy

Hiring staff in developing nations

Hiring and Retention in Developing Nations Whether you’re hiring in India, recruiting in China, or opening an office in the Philippines, the obstacles are often the same.  Because of their rapid growth, hiring and staffing a team in an emerging economy will always present challenges in terms of language, skills and retention. But if you equip yourself with a plan

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Negotiating in China: 11 Essential Tips to Securing Business

contracts in china

Navigate the Challenges of Contract Negotiations in the People’s Republic   A Fortune 200 executive once told me “No CEO wants it on his or her watch that they missed out on China.” It goes without saying that the world’s largest marketplace is a force to be reckoned with. Having recently returned from a trip to China as part of some large

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5 Signs You Know It’s Time to Restructure

when to restructure a business

A college professor of mine once told me “There is no book on that.  Sometimes you just need to get in and figure your way out.”  Knowing when to restructure a business is one of those things.  Though there are books on organizational theory and team dynamics, there is no textbook out there telling us exactly when or how we should restructure our companies.  And neither aspect

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7 Types of Capture Strategies That Help You Win

types of capture strategies

A Good Capture Strategy is More Than Just a Good Price Last week, I sat through a disappointing capture strategy meeting.  The sales manager responsible for the territory was presenting a new proposal to the management team and walked us through the opportunity.  Financially, the business case looked good.  The level of risk seemed low, and the proposal was for a customer

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The Art of the Executive Summary

Executive Summary

How to Create an Executive Summary Raise your hand if you have ever sat through a presentation and walked away not understanding its message.  Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever asked an employee to give you a project briefing, only for them to bury you in data, facts and graphics.  Finally, raise your hand if you’ve ever picked up

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7 Reasons Why Your Research and Development Is Falling Short

preliminary design review

Technology Development Tips for Product Managers In today’s marketplace there is ever-growing pressure on companies to remain innovative and for them to bring new products and services to customers. But in order for your research and development efforts to be successful, your objectives need to be focussed and must target your “big bets.” Moreover, a successful research and development campaign

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The 8 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Growing Our Business

mistakes managers make

And How to Avoid Them One of the best feelings we as managers and business leaders experience is seeing our businesses grow as a result of our effort and hard work. When it comes to large companies, these emotions may be result from watching a steady (or not-so-steady) increase in stock price. And that’s ok – creating value for shareholders

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9 Employee Engagement Killers by the Modern Manager

9 Ways You’re Hurting Morale… And Don’t Even Know It   It should come as no surprise that today’s workforce wants to feel their contribution is valued, be part of something great, and be able to manage their own careers. In management circles we refer to these wants as employee engagement. We can more accurately define employee engagement as the

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Budget Planning: Tips for How Managers Need to Approach Their Budget

managers resource handbook

Planning Your Budget If you are a manager whose responsibilities include maintaining a budget, I feel your pain. I’m pretty sure that the one thing that brings managers of all types together is the universal pain, headaches and aggravation introduced by budget planning. As I near the end of my own budget planning cycle, in preparation for next year, I

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The Impact of Technology on Business

Boarding a Flight

        As I waited for my flight to Amsterdam today, I grabbed a bite to eat at the nearby café. It was a late afternoon flight that would get me in around 7PM. Just enough time to get dinner with an old friend, who was to pick me up at the airport. The flight was set to

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What Dial Up Internet Can Teach Us About Managing Change

DIal Up Internet Iteration

            If you are old enough to remember the early days of the internet, you have probably blocked out memories of alien sounds emerging from your modem and the tapping of your fingers as you waited for a single page to load. I remember how pages would load up just a few lines at a

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Unlike Pizza Toppings, More Marketing is Not Always Better

“Unlike pizza toppings, more marketing is not always better.”  I heard this phrase on a radio show not too long ago, and thought it was a stroke of genius.  There are a myriad of marketing channels out there, some free, some expensive.  Marketing exists in a variety of forms such as radio ads, clever roadside billboards, or simply the printed

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A Simple Strategy That Will Help You Hire More People

business case to hire a more expensive employee

Overcoming the Frustration of Being Under Staffed   How many times have you seen a colleague ask for more resources?  After all, their team was very busy and they could really use some more people.  You’ve probably witnessed that discussion more times than you can count.  Now, how many times have you heard the person they were asking – their own

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Your Results Matter Just as Much As How You Get Them

managers resource handbook

    I recently sat through a regional meeting for a large corporation, during which a series of presentations were made.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the regional manager got up to share a short set of slides that were presented at the annual corporate summit she had recently attended. The company has been undergoing a series of transformations

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Doing Martial Arts Today Can Make You a Better Manager

It was late on a Friday when an employee came by my office to check in before he left for the weekend.  It had been a busy week and we had hardly crossed paths over the previous five days.  This employee was one of my best – hardworking, trustworthy, dedicated. My team had been under tremendous pressure to finish a large project.  And despite the

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Mexico vs. Japan: The World Cup of Business

I recently read a newspaper article about World Cup football, which was great because it listed all the funny pairings of nations in various matches.  The article went into detail about various styles of play, which got me thinking about how such different countries work together. Having spent most of my career working overseas with clients and colleagues, I have witnessed

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